Drainage 20-70

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Drainage 20-70 aggregates are a specially graded collection of stones ranging in size from 20mm to 70mm, offering a natural spectrum of colors from greys to browns and beiges. This selection combines angular and rounded shapes, providing an optimal solution for a variety of drainage applications. The diverse sizes and textures promote water movement and stability in landscaping and civil engineering projects.


These aggregates are particularly effective for large-scale drainage systems, including land reclamation and as a filtration layer in sports fields and gardens. They are also used in decorative landscaping to create natural, permeable surfaces.


  • Size Variety: A broad range of sizes ensures versatile use and efficient water filtration.
  • Natural Color Blend: The natural color palette allows for aesthetic blending with the environment.
  • Quality Drainage: The mix of shapes and sizes promotes excellent drainage properties, preventing water accumulation.

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