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Delivering building and landscape supplies
Light/heavy vehicle repairs and maintenance

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Our drivers are our service providers. They are well trained and disciplined to meet your delivery needs using our extensive fleet of modern trucks.

About Us

About Us

NGIL Australia are a Transport Company based within Wollongong, Illawarra. We are a carrying company, specialising in the transportation of bulk quarry goods.

The operation consists of a number of company owned prime movers which are accredited in the NHVR Basic Fatigue & Mass Management Program. NGIL Australia operate from various destinations for well-known companies from South Coast to Sydney suburbs.

Our Fleet

Our fleet consists of Semi-Trailers, 3 Axle Dogs, Quad Dogs, PBS Quad Dogs and Stags.

Work with us

Our business includes operating our own fleet to deliver customer quarry products and also operating a Mechanical Workshop to maintain fleet for the Transportation to deliver Quarry Products in tipper trucks.

Our Values

The aim of the Company is to always influence higher standards in its industry and in its own workplace with regard to safety, environment, quality & customer and employee satisfaction.