DGB20 (20mm Road Base)

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DGB20, also known as Dense Grade Base 20, is a robust road base compound made from a blend of crushed rock and fine particles. This concoction ensures a solid, stable foundation with excellent load-bearing properties. The ’20’ signifies the nominal particle size in millimeters, indicating a standardized grade for consistency. This aggregate is prized for its optimal compaction qualities and reliable performance under various conditions.


DGB20 is primarily used as a base material for road construction, driveways, parking lots, and under asphalt pavements. It is also suitable for heavy-duty areas that require substantial support and durability.


  • Compaction: Highly compactable, creating a firm and stable base that resists settling and shifting.
  • Load Bearing: Designed to support heavy loads, making it an ideal choice for infrastructure and commercial projects.
  • Versatility: Can be used in a variety of construction scenarios where integrity and durability are paramount.

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