DGS40 (40mm Road Sub Base)

  • Minimum order of 12 tonnes (bulk supply)
  • Delivery included in the quote across NSW
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DGS40, or Dense Graded Subbase 40, is a high-quality construction material that features a blend of crushed stones, with a maximum particle size of 40 millimeters, designed to establish a firm foundation. The larger aggregate size provides enhanced stability and strength, making it a reliable base for substantial construction demands. DGS40 is known for its excellent compaction capabilities, resulting in a dense and uniform subbase with superior load-bearing properties.


This aggregate is extensively used in the initial layers of road construction, beneath highways, major arterial roads, and in areas expected to sustain heavy traffic. It also serves as a solid base for industrial floors and foundations that require high load endurance.


  • Stability: Larger aggregate size ensures a robust base capable of withstanding heavy loads.
  • Compaction: Achieves high compaction levels, essential for creating a non-deformable subbase.
  • Load Distribution: Excellently distributes weight from the surface, preventing structural weaknesses.

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