DGS20 (20mm Sub Base)

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DGS20 stands for Dense Graded Subbase 20, a meticulously engineered foundation material characterized by its mixture of coarse and fine crushed rock particles, with a nominal size of 20 millimeters. This material is designed to provide a sturdy and well-draining layer beneath roadways and pavements, promoting durability and longevity. Its dense grading ensures a solid interlock between particles, reducing movement and providing a consistent base for construction.


DGS20 is primarily utilized as a subbase layer for roadworks, including highways and local roads, as well as for car parks and building pads where a strong, stable foundation is critical.


  • Structural Integrity: Offers excellent load distribution, preventing subsidence and enhancing the lifespan of the structure.
  • Drainage: Enables effective water dispersion and prevents pooling, protecting against water damage.
  • Uniformity: Provides a uniform surface for subsequent layers, ensuring a smooth and stable finish.

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