Gabion Rock

  • Minimum order of 12 tonnes (bulk supply)
  • Delivery included in the quote across NSW
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Gabion Rock is a high-density, durable stone used in gabion baskets for civil engineering, landscaping, and erosion control projects. These rocks are carefully selected for their uniformity in size and shape, providing stability and strength to structures. Their natural, earthy colors blend well with the environment while offering an aesthetically pleasing appearance.


Perfect for reinforcing soil, creating retaining walls, or adding a decorative touch to landscapes. Gabion Rocks ensure long-lasting stability in both architectural and natural settings, preventing soil erosion and promoting natural drainage.


  • Structural Integrity: Sized for optimal interlocking within gabion cages, these rocks ensure the strength and longevity of the constructed feature.
  • Aesthetic Variety: Comes in a range of natural colors to complement any design scheme, enhancing the visual appeal of the project.
  • Erosion Control: Ideal for preventing soil erosion in areas susceptible to water run-off or heavy rains, due to their excellent drainage capabilities.

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