Spalls 75-150mm

  • Minimum order of 12 tonnes (bulk supply)
  • Delivery included in the quote across NSW
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Spalls 75-150mm are large, irregularly shaped fragments of quarried rock, primarily used in heavy construction and landscaping. Their size and rugged appearance make them suitable for bold design statements or high-strength requirements, with a natural color spectrum of earthy tones that complement any outdoor space.


These spalls are perfect for creating natural retaining walls, embankment stabilisation, and feature landscaping elements. Their substantial size also makes them ideal for erosion control and as a natural barrier in coastal and riverside settings.


  • Robust Size: Large fragments provide significant coverage and stability in construction projects.
  • Natural Aesthetics: The irregular shapes and varied earth tones enhance the natural beauty of any landscape.
  • Erosion Control: Effective in protecting against water and wind erosion due to their mass and the way they interlock.

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